April 4, 2015

Only Fools Like Gaddafi Trust The Lying Snakes In Washington

Dead in a ditch surrounded by terrorists: this is where putting faith in Washington's word gets you in the end.

Washington won't live up to its agreements in the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to give his/her head a shake.

The U.S. government, under whatever politically bankrupt party, Republican or Democrat, and under whatever kind of puppet President, a newborn Christan from idiotville or a secret Muslim from Kenya, is a government without honour.

It installs corrupt, oppressive regimes and then overthrows them a generation later. It backs al-Qaeda, arms and trains them, and then pretends to fight it. It is a lying and crooked government whose word only fools believe. These liars can never be trusted. It has never kept its word on anything with foreign leaders, and especially not with pathetic Middle Eastern regimes.

Gaddafi found that out a little too late. Ditto for Saddam who was told by the evil snakes in the White House that invading Kuwait would be considered fine by them but then learned very quickly that they tricked him. The Shah was also a hopeless case, by the time he found out Carter stabbed him in the back he was in exile in Panama lamenting his fate. The Ayatollahs will wake up soon and realize they made the same mistake.

Putting faith in Washington's word to ensure regime survival is foolish. The Gaddafi regime was also greedy for its survival, and look where it is now.

You can't engage with lying, though charming, snakes and expect not to be bitten. Getting in bed with America is like a poisonous bite whose dangerous symptoms appear not suddenly but down the line. It is always fatal. Iran should have already learned that by now. The stupid leaders of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will find this out soon enough for themselves. Washington will dump these dumb allies.

Washington won't keep up its end of the bargain with Tehran in this nuclear deal. Anyone who believes it will is clueless, gullible, and naive. It will probably lift no more than 5% of the sanctions. And it will act like it is saving the world from a great horror the whole time. That's how psychotic the U.S. government is and always has been.

The only good thing to come out of this deal is that it has made the scumbag Netanyahu mad. This deal should have been done for no other reason than this. 50 years from now no one will remember his ahistorical, and insulting speech to Congress to undercut any agreement, but they will remember this historic nuclear deal if it lasts. But the chances of it lasting are zero because Washington does not want it to last.