April 3, 2015

The Stupid Leaders of Pakistan, Egypt, And Turkey Are Miscalculating The Nature of The Conflict In Yemen At Their Own Peril

The Houthis in Yemen will defeat these bastards.

An excerpt from, "Pakistan, Turkey committed to defend Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty" Geo.Tv, April 3, 2015:
"Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu spoke of strong ties with Pakistan. “Pakistan’s pain is our pain and Pakistan’s propriety is our prosperity.” He added the Muslim world faced several challenges and stressed on the need to hold bilateral dialogues.

Prime Minister Davutoglu added that the situation in the Middle East was affecting Turkey and Pakistan and both countries were supportive of seeking a peaceful solution. “We have discussed what Turkey and Pakistan can do in order to protect regional stability.”
LOL @ that last statement. Turkey is helping ISIS take over Syria, and Pakistan is helping the Taliban take over Afghanistan, and these clowns still have to audacity to talk about protecting "regional stability."

The military dictators of Pakistan and Egypt have run their own countries into the ground over the decades with Washington's assistance. But that's not enough for them, now they want to lend a hand to Saudi Arabia to destroy whatever is left of Yemen, too. And the funny thing about it is that Saudi Arabia is offering these dictators a handful of change. They are not even respected by their so-called ally.

Ganging up on Yemen and suppressing a popular revolt there will not win them any friends in that country. But they don't care about their own people, let alone the people of Yemen.

None of these stupid leaders who have publicly backed Saudi Arabia's aggression against Yemen are thinking about their countries' long-term interests. They just want to get paid now, and they'll ask questions later. Since the governments of Egypt and Pakistan are failures they'll jump on any opportunity to distract their citizens from the horrible economy in their countries.