April 6, 2015

Arab States And Rulers Who Back Aggression Against Yemen Have No Leg To Stand On To Criticize Israel's Assaults On Gaza

Netanyahu, Obama, and Abbas stand against the people of Yemen, and they will be defeated by the people of Yemen.

When Israel periodically attacks Gaza there are immediate calls for ceasefires by the Arab states, the international community, and even the United States itself. Usually a month passes before Israel backs off, and agrees to a ceasefire with the Palestinians. Immediately afterwards, Hamas goes back to reconstructing what Israel blew up, making the little war pointless.

Calls for ceasefire in other conflicts are very few. In Syria, Arab states, the U.S, Israel, and the international community have blocked calls for peace for four years. The result is the worst humanitarian tragedy in decades.

In Yemen, the only country that has called for a ceasefire in the conflict and an end to illegal Saudi airstrikes is Russia. It is the only responsible country in the international community. But Russia's voice will be ignored, and the people of Yemen will suffer because of it.

Title: PA President Abbas Supports Operation in Yemen, Says: We Too Suffer from Division. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: April 5, 2015. Description:
In his speech at the Arab League Summit in Sharm Al-Sheikh on March 27, 2015, PA President Mahmoud Abbas expressed support for the Saudi-led operation against the Houthis in Yemen and said: "Just like in the case of Yemen... there are other countries that suffer from division, strife, and so on. We are suffering from division. We were the first to suffer from it." The speech was broadcast in Egypt's Channel 1.
So as long as Abbas remains the official voice of the Palestinians they will get nothing, and deservedly so. When you back a war of aggression against an innocent people in another country who are fighting for their rights and against foreign domination you don't get the right to complain when you too are attacked.