August 15, 2014

ISIS Is An Instrument of US Foreign Policy Just As Al-Qaeda Was

The idiot who took this picture has no idea that the White House created his beloved terrorist group. As Einstein said, "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” And as Kissinger said, "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." There is no longer any need for American military men to advance US foreign policy in the Middle East. That job has been exported out to the dumb, stupid animals in ISIS.

The evil snakes in Washington have achieved several objectives by employing ISIS terrorists in Iraq.

One of their objectives was to put pressure on Prime Minister Maliki and force him to step down, even though he was democratically elected. They accomplished this goal. Maliki said he would not be the reason for Iraqi bloodshed and bowed out.

Their second objective was to maintain Iraq's unity and keep the Kurdistan Regional Government from declaring independence, at least for now, which they pursued by ordering ISIS to attack Kurdish cities and civilians, forcing an international outcry and calls for US air support to aid besieged Yezidis on a mountain and outgunned Peshmerga soldiers. Talks of independence in Erbil have now quieted, making the latest U.S. intervention in an Iraqi crisis that it itself triggered with the means of terrorism a success.

Another objective was to throw a monkey wrench in the Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut axis, and prevent Iranian arms from reaching Hezbollah. The monkeys in ISIS have dutifully achieved this goal for Washington.

All is fair in war, so there should be no complaining coming from Iraqi, Syrian, Hezbollah, and Iranian officials. Just grin and bear it. The day of vengeance is coming to the White House, and they know it.

I could give a damn about the political fate of Assad, Hezbollah, or the Ayatollahs. The fact that Washington is screwing with them should be of no concern for humanitarians.

But the sick-minded terrorist groups that Washington is training, financing, and arming, along with Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, England, Qatar, Jordan, and UAE, don't just threaten the Shiites' strategic, military, and political goals for the region. They threaten the very existence of religious and ethnic minorities, diverse cultures, ancient heritage sites, and holy sites across Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East. They are destroying the cultural mosaic of the Middle East.

USrahell-backed terrorists and killers are behind multiple genocides in Iraq. Iraqi Christians, Yezidis, and Palestinians all face the same genocidal, evil, and terrorist force. The presence of USAID officials on Sinjar mountain and in Gaza is sickening. Reaching out to the backers of the killers and terrorists for humanitarian aid should not even be entertained in the minds of Yezidis and Palestinians.

The PKK has helped Yezidis reach safety, so there is no need for the murderous hypocrites in Washington to clean up their own mess in Iraq. They should be kicked out of Iraq and Kurdistan, and told to never come back, whether by themselves or through their terrorist proxies.