August 15, 2014

President Obama Fails To Credit The PKK For The Rescue of Yezidis On Mount Sinjar in Iraq

President Barack Obama: "We Broke the ISIL Siege of Mt. Sinjar." Obama you didn't break shit. Stop lying about Iraq.

An excerpt from, "Syrian Kurds, Not U.S. Military, Rescued Trapped Yazidis In Iraq" by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post, August 14, 2014:
"Of course, the mainstream Western press is attempting to paint the improved conditions on Mt. Sinjar as a success of the American military, U.S. Marines, and other related personnel. However, the fact is that the U.S. military personnel only ever engaged in air relief drops and “reconnaissance.”

The real heroes for the Mt. Sinjar Yazidis are not NATO military personnel, but Syrian Kurds. This is because groups of Syrian Kurdish fighters, upon learning of the fate of the people trapped on Mt. Sinjar, organized and battled through IS forces, militarily digging out a safe corridor by which to remove them from the mountain and give them safe passage into Syria or some other area.

In other words, while humanitarian air drops were in the process of being bungled by the West, Syrian Kurds entered Iraq in order to battle IS militants and carve out an escape route into safer territory.

As the Associated Press reported on August 12, “For the past few days, fighters have been rescuing Yazidis from the mountain, transporting them into Syrian territory to give them first aid, food and water, and returning some to Iraq via a pontoon bridge.”

Ismail Rashu, a Yazidi who had escaped to Kurdish Syria, stated “The (Kurdish fighters) opened a path for us. If they had not, we would still be stranded on the mountain.”
Without a doubt, it is important to remember that, if it were not for NATO and the United States, ISIS would never have been in Iraq to begin with and, thus, the Yazidis would never have suffered through this horrible affair."
An excerpt from, "Obama Lies - There Never Was A "Siege Of Mount Sinjar" by 'b' of Moon of Alabama, August 14, 2014:
Obama today:
We broke the ISIL siege of Mount Sinjar,” Obama said. "We do not expect there to be an additional operation to evacuate people off the mountain, and it's unlikely we'll need to continue humanitarian air drops on the mountain," Obama continued.
"This "broke the siege" statement is a lie. There never was a "siege" on the Sinjar mountain range. The Yazidi who had fled there were quickly welcomed and evacuated to Syria by the Kurdish PKK and YPG forces. There are now some 15,000 of Yazidis in the Kurdish part of Syria. Some thousand refugees may still be in the mountains but the nomadic shepherds who live there will likely help them along.

The PKK was already there doing the job three days before the first U.S. action took place.

The only reason Obama sent troops and jets to the area was to protect the city of Erbil with its CIA station, the international airport and the local headquarters of various "western" oil companies.

When U.S. jets started bombing a few ISIS positions near to Erbil most Yazidis were already safe and on their way out of the mountains. The U.S. announced its first airstrikes on Friday the 8th while the PKK had started its operation to help the Yazidis on Tuesday the 5th. There was never a blockade or a siege and always a safe way out towards Syria which the refugees were helped along by the PKK.

But that good deed was done by the socialist from the PKK and YPG. The U.S. State Department officially designates the PKK as a "terrorist group" for its fight against the Turkish state. Unlike the pesh merga under the Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani these people know how to fight and have the discipline and training to achieve successes against ISIS and other Jihadi organizations.

But that is a story Obama does not want to tell."