August 15, 2014

The Zionist Fake Jihad of Syria-- Sheikh Imran Hosein

"Syrian rebel commander says he collaborated with Israel" (The Times of Israel, August 13, 2014).

In the video below, which is almost a year old, Sheikh Imran Hosein criticizes those who took up arms against Assad with backing from the tyrannical governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, and the U.S. He also praises Russia's recent reconversion to Christianity under Putin.

Every government does some evil to protect its interests, such as killing critical journalists and committing false flags to manipulate and shape public opinion, but the evil that Russia does on occasion is nowhere near the level of evil that USrahell is doing around the word on a consistent basis, from Ukraine to Iraq to Gaza.

Russia is banning poisonous GMOs. Russia is no longer the atheistic, materialistic, communist tyrannical state that it once was. USrahell carries that mantle today. USrahell is an atheistic, materialistic, collectivist, criminal, totalitarian evil empire that lives on big lies, military aggression, and controlled chaos. Russia is not the one striking down civilian airliners and killing innocent people to start a war. Russia is not the one financing and arming barbaric terrorists who persecute people because of their religion and ethnicity.

"Those who want to consider Russia as the greatest enemy of the Sunni Muslims, go ahead. . .we are not a part of that. We've done enough to tell you that Russia is now changing, and returning to Christianity. How else can we explain the state university of Moscow reaching out to me to invite me to come to Moscow when I'm preaching Islam, if there's so much hatred for Islam." - Sheikh Imran Hosein.

The Zionist Fake Jihad of Syria-- Sheikh Imran Hosein. Source: Sabreen Syeed. Date Published: September 4, 2013.