June 4, 2013

Global March Against The Media

The global march against Monsanto was blacked out by the global corporate occupation media, especially its branch in the United States.

There is a protest going on in England against the annual and secretive Bilderberg conference, which is also being blacked out. Members of the press aren't allowed to ask questions to the guests of the conference. Many of the people who are attending Bilderberg are high-level policy makers, elected leaders, and media owners.

It is important to march against Bilderberg and Monsanto, but as long as they are protected by a complicit and corrupt media then nothing is going to change for the better. Marching against the corporate occupation media is critical if we want to end the illegal wars, stop bullies like Monsanto, slow down the destruction of the environment, bring to justice the big private banks and international financial institutions like the IMF that have robbed nations of their wealth, and save our collective future.

Media Won't Touch March Against Monsanto. Source: Natural Society:
We were the only news agency at the Philadelphia March Against Monsanto, where over 1,000 individuals marched down the busiest street in the city. No CBS, ABC, NBC, nothing.