June 4, 2013

Al Jazeera Spreads Propaganda For Violent Jihadist Extremists In Syria And Iraq

 For Al Jazeera, blood sells. And it is doing everything in its power to make sure business continues to grow.

Al Jazeera's role in inciting violence and instability in countries like Syria, Libya, and Iraq is well documented. Other media companies have also been guilty of this practice. Here is video of ordinary Syrians telling a BBC reporter to stop lying and misreporting about events in their country.

In late April, the Iraqi government revoked Al Jazeera's license because of its involvement in inciting extremists to violence. Al Jazeera feigns ignorance, denying its responsibility in inflaming anti-Shiite attitudes among Sunnis, and preying on the ignorant and clueless.

The influence of social media and the global alternative media has grown in the last decade because most mainstream mass media outlets like Al Jazeera, BBC, and CNN are irresponsible and inaccurately report on the nature and origin of conflicts. Instead of creating understanding and peace between peoples and nations, they do the opposite. These corrupt media companies spread lies to provoke violence in communities in the Muslim world and create hatred between Shiites and Sunnis to get them fighting with each other. Their false reporting on Syria bears this out.