June 4, 2013

Creator of 'The Wire' David Simon On The War on Drugs

Watch: The House I Live In, "documentary about the human rights implications of the war on drugs -- the longest conflict in U.S. history, and the least winnable" (PBS).

An excerpt from the video below (David Simon speaking about the war on drugs as a war on the poor)
"I'm not entirely unconvinced that it is not largely intended as a war on the poor now. I'm not sure that we can distinguish anymore. It may have begun a long time ago as a war on dangerous drugs, but at some point it morphed to the point where it was really about social control. At this point, it's about doing something with the fifteen percent of my country that we don't need anymore for our economy. We've lost our manufacturing base, and we don't need a laboring class. And so there is a lot of undereducated people who the economy has thrown away and who are living in an alternate America and have no purpose. There is an existential crisis for the poor. And in a horrible way I think they've solved it by targeting them." - David Simon.
Interview with David Simon: