June 5, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Takes The Side of Criminal Erdoğan Against Peaceful Protesters

The Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood, which so far has been the biggest beneficiary of the Arab Spring in Egypt, is against the people protesting in Turkey for their freedoms and their beliefs because they are protesting against a self-proclaimed Islamic leader. Here is an excerpt from the article, "Brotherhood leaders slam Turkey protestors":
Several Muslim Brotherhood leaders accused Turkish protesters of receiving foreign funds from entities which they claim "want to make the highly successful Islamic project fail".

They said the crisis in Turkey is not really about the development of Taksim Square. The whole issue is part of the war on Islam and an attempt to undermine efforts by Turkey’s Justice and Development Party to complete the Islamic renaissance it has achieved.
The hypocrisy of the Muslim Brotherhood is not surprising. It has always been a Muslim Trojan Horse backed by the CIA and MI6, and its policies are not reflective of the views of the majority of the Egyptian people. In recent weeks, more than seven million Egyptians have signed a statement that says they do not want Morsi in power.

The unpopularity of both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Erdoğan-led government is high. They have joined the USraeli aggression against Syria, against the wishes of their own people, so for them to claim that they are leading "an Islamic renaissance" is nonsense.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Erdoğan are cooperating with invaders and Zionists and helping them to kill Muslims, Christians, and other minorities in Syria. Their support for Salafist terrorism against the Syrian people, as well as their false charges against Assad, are both well documented. There is plenty of evidence that shows Erdoğan is criminally aiding Jihadist terrorists against both Syrians and the Kurds in northern Syria. And these truths cannot be blacked out.