August 10, 2021

Pakistan's Legacy: Genocide, Terrorism And Military Defeat

"Unfortunately, many states now repress their own people or are under the thumb of generals. Yet only one is today actively invading a neighbouring country with armed thugs that murder civilians & wreck their homes." - Chris Alexander, former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan.

Addressing the Pakistan problem requires learning about the reasons for its creation. The links below will give you some insight.

Punishing Pakistan for its transgressions is long overdue. The hashtag #SanctionPakistan is a good start. But Pakistan is beyond sanctioning. It is a pariah nation whose end can't come soon enough.

The long-term safety, prosperity and happiness of the countries in the region depends on its dismemberment. It will be violent and chaotic. But the consequences of letting Pakistan continue to pursue its destructive policies will be worse.

The foolish leaders of Pakistan refuse to cease their support for the Taliban in Afghanistan, falsely believing that an extremist regime in Kabul will give them leverage in a future confrontation with India. They are children playing with fire.

Feeding the flames of Jihad never works out in the long run, especially so for a military dictatorship which has no religious legitimacy.

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