August 9, 2021

Taliban Marches On Kabul With Pakistan's Crucial Support

America leaving Afghanistan was always a matter of time, but leaving in the middle of the night after shaking hands with the Islamist scum who destroyed Buddhist statues? There are no words for that kind of villainy. 

Leave aside the false pretenses that Washington used to invade Afghanistan two decades ago. Leave aside the 9/11 con job. Leave aside the lies that led to war. What should anger the world more than how Washington went into Afghanistan is how they are leaving. 

Those with any shred of honesty know Afghanistan has been a victim of regional and international games for decades, even centuries. 

In modern times Pakistan and the United States are the biggest culprits. History will record their transgressions against an innocent nation. In retrospect, the Soviet Union was an angel compared to them. 

Pakistan, a fraudulent nation that should have never been allowed to exist in the first place, will be consumed in the chaos it has helped to create. It preys on Afghanistan thinking it is some kind of mighty lion but in reality it is an ugly hyena whose own future will be worse than Afghanistan's. 

But Afghan innocence only goes so far. The so-called leaders of this poor country have done their people no justice. The Afghan army is filled with pedophiles, warlords, and cowards. Their defeat was also only a matter of time.