June 9, 2023

Why NATO-Trained Armies Lose Wars And Why Ukraine's Criminal Leaders Should Beg For Mercy


NATO excels at psychological warfare operations and clandestine terrorism. They win wars on television. Their main battlefields are the global airwaves and the minds of men.

But Ukraine will soon learn, as Afghanistan eventually did, NATO is not any good at actually fighting.

If Ukraine fought alone, without any NATO assistance, it would have a greater chance of defeating Russia.

There is no greater shame for a nation than to be used as a proxy in a larger war. Such an indignity has fallen on noble Ukraine. Almost a decade ago its sovereignty and national mind were illegally captured by the evil pedophiles who rule Washington and London. 

Since then Ukraine been used like a blunt object to hurt Russia. It has been reduced to a mindless slave to wage a war it has no chance of winning. It has only lasted this long because of weak Russian leadership.

Russia has fought this war very patiently and sheepishly. It doesn't even call it a war. Putin keeps using the term "special military operation" for both political and legal reasons.

But regardless of what branding it uses to placate international legal bodies and the world media, it stands to gain massive pieces of Ukrainian territory at the end of this familial bloodletting. So the question has to be asked, what then? Where does the Russian march inside Ukraine stop? 

If Russia doesn't seize Kiev and restore law and order it will make a grave mistake. 



An excerpt from, "The Afghan Military Was Built Over 20 Years. How Did It Collapse So Quickly?" New York Times, August 13, 2021:

But even before that, the systemic weaknesses of the Afghan security forces — which on paper numbered somewhere around 300,000 people, but in recent days have totaled around just one-sixth of that, according to U.S. officials — were apparent. These shortfalls can be traced to numerous issues that sprung from the West’s insistence on building a fully modern military with all the logistical and supply complexities one requires, and which has proved unsustainable without the United States and its NATO allies.

An excerpt from, "How the Afghan Army Collapsed Under the Taliban’s Pressure" By Max Boot, CFR, August 16, 2021:

The fall of Afghanistan rightly raises serious questions about the mistakes the United States made during its twenty-year effort to train the Afghan military. The U.S. armed forces will need to process lessons learned, and there will need to be a great deal of critical self-examination. The U.S. training effort had many shortcomings, such as deficiencies in language and cultural knowledge and lack of expertise in training police rather than soldiers, which hurt local-level security. In addition, the U.S. effort concentrated too much on teaching tactical infantry skills while neglecting the kind of higher-level expertise in logistics, planning, training, and command and control that is needed to maintain a military force.

The U.S. training effort was also hindered by factors beyond its control, including the lack of education in one of the world’s poorest countries and the pervasiveness of corruption. As a police officer in Kandahar recently told the New York Times, “We are drowning in corruption.”

Video Title: Ukraine Can't Win War Against Russia: Hungary's Orban. Source: Bloomberg Television. Date Published: May 23, 2023.