June 8, 2023

The Corpse of Islam, The Skeleton of Nazism, And Brzezinski's Arc of Crisis

Supporting terrorism, using water as a weapon, can lead to short-term gains, but it's a slippery slope. In the end it only leads to chaos.

Chaos is the weapon of the weak, the rejected, and the desperate. 

NATO has imposed chaos and sought destruction from the steppes of Ukraine to the mountains of Afghanistan. It has brought out of the depths of hell the ghosts of Islam and Nazism. Russia is always the target, but its real victims are weak nations like Afghanistan and Ukraine that are used up and thrown away.

Its reign of global terror didn't start in 2014, or 2001, or 1989, or 1979. It started upon its hollow victory at the end of WWII.

Since then it has only brought terrorism into the world.

And terror invites terror. Recent history has imprinted this truth onto the books of nations and kingdoms. 

Countries that pursue the policy of supporting terrorist groups, whether nearby, or on the other side of the planet, deserve no sympathy when those groups grow a mind of their own and start acting independently. Included in this list are the United States, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, England, and France. 

Pakistan's decades-long assistance of the Taliban is a documented fact. The Islamic Republic of Iran has also befriended the terrorist outfit in the wake of the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Both regimes took a short-sighted policy approach and they are now suffering the consequences of their strategic stupidity.

Israel's creation of Hamas is also a historical truth. So when Hamas and its kindred Jihadist groups blast misguided rockets towards Israel every blue moon it's hard to feel sympathy for this tiny nation.

The colonial powers like the U.S., England, Germany, and France, all of which have a history of funding, manipulating, and arming Islamic terrorist groups, have no one to blame but themselves for the disintegration of their once homogeneous societies. 

They raised a corpse from the grave, and directed it towards their political, economic, and ideological enemies. 

Now that corpse is more animated. It has ventured beyond the grave of memory and into the open field of history. Its evil gaze can be directed to a specific target, but for how long? It is at its core a mindless and unpredictable virus. 

Pakistan, and its owners in London and Washington, may think they can direct it towards India, China, or Russia, but they will ultimately fail. They won't be able to constrain the movement and transformations of terrorists. 

Israel learned this lesson in the aftermath of its dealings with Hamas. Iran is learning it in Afghanistan where the Taliban have created a Mad Max environment. Turkey will learn it in due time. 

Those regimes, armies, and groups that have been taught the dark power of terrorism by Washington, London, and NATO will regret it.