May 29, 2022

The Battle of Sardarabad

"Armenia, The Survival of A Nation" By Christopher J. Walker.


The Battle of Sardarabad  was a battle of the Caucasus campaign of World War I that took place near Sardarabad, Armenia, from 21 to 29 May 1918, between the regular Armenian military units and militia on one side and the Ottoman army that had invaded Eastern Armenia on the other. As Sardarabad is approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) west of the capital of Yerevan, the battle not only halted the Ottoman advance into the rest of Armenia, but also prevented the complete destruction of the Armenian nation. In the words of Christopher J. Walker, had the Armenians lost this battle, "it is perfectly possible that the word Armenia would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term".

From, "The Significance of The Battle of Sardarabad (1918)" (Source: Vemkar):

In 1918, soon after enduring the horrors of the genocide, Armenians had to thwart further insurgency by the Ottoman army into historical Armenian land, territory that used to be part of the then fallen Russian Empire. It is to this area that hundreds of thousands of Armenian refugees had fled. The Battle of Sardarabad (Սարդարապատի ճակատամարտ) that took place in May 1918, near Sardarabad, Armenia, 40 kilometers west of Yerevan, was where the triumphant Armenians showed their strength and unity.

As we celebrate the centennial of the First Republic of Armenia, the implication of the battle of Sardarabad becomes so much more significant in Armenian history. Not only did the victory hinder Turkish advance into the rest of Armenia, but it prevented the complete destruction of the Armenian nation. Had the Armenians lost the battle of Sardarabad, author Christopher J. Walker, has said: It is perfectly possible that the word Armenia would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term.

Two months after signing the Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March 3, 1918), the Ottoman Empire took the offensive. Turkish forces, in violation of the Treaty with the Russians, crossed the border in May 1918, and attacked Alexandropol (Gyumri). The Ottoman Army’s goal was to crush the Armenians, seize Transcaucasia, as well as the oil wells of Baku (Azerbaijan).

The Ottomans succeeded to take control of Alexondropol. They then moved into the Ararat Valley – the heart of Armenia. Armenian General Tovmas Nazarbekian, with the help of Trastamat (Tro) Kanayan took the positions abandoned by the Russians, and created a small Armenian army.

Video Title: Heroes»: Sardarabad [ENG]. Source: Cilicia Animation. Date Published: April 9, 2022. Description: 
It is difficult to overestimate the significance of the Battle of Sardarapat for the Armenian people. Thanks to this victory, on May 28, 1918, the Armenian Republic was formed, marking the beginning of a new stage of statehood. Sardarapat is the symbol of the struggle of the Armenian people for their existence. In a moment of despair and hopelessness, the Armenian soldiers filled with the call of blood became the basis for the formation of our modern statehood and national identity. 

The new adaptation from Cilicia Animation aims to pay tribute to the heroes who saved Armenia then and inspire the heroes who defend it now. After all, fate itself decreed that the Armenian people, after many bloody battles and heavy losses, continue to live and prosper.