May 30, 2022

BREAKING: Zelensky Admits Ukraine Losing The War With Russia

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said it best, Russian weakness is to blame for this unnecessary tragedy. 

Had Putin intervened more forcefully in Ukraine after the coup in 2014 then Washington and its Neo-Nazi pets would not have gotten so bold as to declare war on all things Russian in the country.

Putin had to be prodded and begged to take action, as was the case in Syria. Ultimately, he understood the responsibilities he had as the leader of the Russian state and decided to intervene in both conflicts. 

Both the peoples of Syria and the people of the Donbass in Ukraine were at the mercy of cutthroat barbarians backed by Washington. They needed saving. 

When Russia's controversial interventions are put in the proper historical, political and military context, we can see that they are morally justified. 

But geopolitics is a dirty business. Russia has not been an angel in Syria. It has worked with the rogue Erdogan to carve up the lands of the indigenous population in certain strategic areas. But, if you take its intervention in totality, it did a lot of good by helping to wipe out ISIS and putting checks on Erdogan's ambitions.


BREAKING: Zelensky Admits Ukraine Losing The War With Russia. Source: