February 22, 2022

We're Not In Kanada Anymore: Trudeau's House of Horror

          We're not in Kansas Kanada anymore.

"The Serpent and the Rainbow is overtly political, based on a book by Wade Davis about Haitian Vodou zombies. Craven tackles the effects of the U.S. Occupation of Haiti and the authoritarian influence of the real life Duvalier dynasty through fantasy-horror. Many see this as just a zombie movie. Remember Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead were all politically/socially conscious horror.

Central to the terror is an intense performance from Bill Pullman, whose fright is genuine as we follow him down a Haitian Vodou rabbit hole. His experience is nightmare fuel. As an allegorical story it’s terrifying— ironically, this may be the most human story Craven’s ever told.

The entire use of the zombie here is as an allegory for control. Specifically, the oppressive control of governments wield over the people they’re meant to work for/protect. Craven’s movie explores the sociopolitical situation of Haiti in the mid to late ’80s, where the government was working against the people, in turn forcing citizens to work against other citizens. This is where the zombies come in, symbolic of those used by the government, and an overall commentary on the state of existence living under an authoritarian dictatorship." - An excerpt from, "The Serpent And The Rainbow: Wes Craven’s Political Zombies" By C.H. Newell, Father Son Holy Gore, October 12, 2018.

The invasion of the global body politic by organizations such as the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum was once dismissed as a crackpot conspiracy theory. Today it is common knowledge and the stuff of memes.

Our governments have been seized.

We are governed by self-professed elites who are as disconnected from the common man as the common man is from an insect. 

Whereas in the past religion and sacred kingship binded the rulers with the ruled, today nothing does. The false promise of liberal democracy has been laid bare. 

American historian Christopher Lasch wrote about this problem in his great book, "The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy." (Listen to the audiobook here).

What we are faced with is not simply a revolt, but a war from the top down. It is a global war as Alex Jones said on his Monday broadcast. 

There is a global permanent emergency regime that is hell-bent on reducing the global population in the name of fighting a pandemic and who knows what else in the future.

There are pockets of sanity and local resistance around the world but for the most part the Covid-19 response has been a well-organized global conspiracy. The governmental authorities have marched in lockstep with each other, guiding their gullible populations along without informing them of their ultimate political aims. 

The most crucial element of this entire process is the zombification of the people through fear and brainwashing. The massive propaganda apparatuses of all governments have been utilized to great effect. Entertainers and celebrities have also played a key role in spreading the covid illusion.

The introduction of masks was another brilliant stroke. Hardly no one can escape wearing it. For the true believer it is a symbol of heroic participation in the state-induced mass derangement and for the covid heretic it is a mark of daily submission that one must put on or risk social death, losing one's job, etc.,

How we got to this tragic point is not impossible to understand. Our rulers are experts at psychological statecraft and social engineering. They are much more comfortable wielding the soft tools of coercion then dropping the democratic facade and releasing the full might of the state.

But people can only be psychologically tricked for so long before they begin to see through the government's lies and decide to stop participating in the charade.

What has transpired in Canada in the past month has been a victory of human consciousness over soft government coercion.

The lying and sinister Trudeau has been forced to unmask, revealing the ruthlessness of his masters and his own psychopathic personality. He thought he was ruling a country of zombies and sheep, but the truckers proved him wrong. 

The global fight to unmask the deranged political elites of the world has only just begun. And since the battleground is the mind, it is important to stay engaged in the fight without losing consciousness. If this is a twelve round fight we're in round two or three. 

Expect more psychological punches. 

Prepare for more dizzying lies and collective insanity.

The creation and mobilization of mass hysteria for political purposes is now a permanent feature of Western democracies. Politicians will find it hard to put that tool back in the box. 

They will invent new emergencies to justify their emergency powers. They will tell new fictions to spellbind the people and bring about their new dystopic technocratic age.