February 22, 2022

James Tunney: The Life or Death of Our Future

From James Tunney's website:

I left a successful academic career in law to focus on spiritual and artistic development. Having published plenty of academic articles and reports, consulted internationally, as well as presenting talks on various aspects of globalisation in many countries around the world - I am now writing about Mysticism and Scientism. I have also been painting from my studio in Sweden and exhibited in several countries for more then a decade.

To hear me talk on issues related to my writing, visit New Thinking Allowed, YouTube channel where I have done multiple interviews with Dr Mishlove. All interviews are also listed and linked on the Interview section of this site, including interviews on other channels.

Video Title: Episode 163 — James Tunney: The Life or Death of Our Future. Source: Living 4D with Paul Chek. Date Published: November 16, 2021. Description: 

Many have predicted the emergence of scientocracy in our lives and a machine-centric view of the world. How do we turn the focus back on Mother Nature and humanity? 

Author and painter James Tunney returns to discuss the dangers of scientocracy, the distraction of transhumanism and the steps we must make to work together to restore the world to a healthier place in this Living 4D podcast.