August 22, 2016

Turkey-Iran-Syria-Iraq-Russia-KRG Are Scheming To Rollback YPG Gains In Syria

 Photo of a YPG fighter in the town of Hasakah, which is soon to be captured by the group. Photo Source: Rodî Said.

The officials of Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Iraq, and the KRG are meeting and scheming to rollback the territorial gains of the YPG in northern Syria.

They are all intent on securing one major political outcome in regards to the war in Syria: the YPG must not be allowed to politically consolidate its gains and establish self-governance.

Turkey would rather see ISIS rule northern Syria than see the Kurds secure their rights. And it is not alone in achieving this goal. Since the beginning of the war, the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq and Turkey have together imposed an economic blockade on the area known as Rojava (Western Kurdistan).

They have prevented medical equipment, goods, humanitarian aid, and construction supplies from entering liberated towns such as Kobane. They do not want to see the area rebuilt and become examples of the YPG's governing success.

The governments of Syria and Iran also do not want to see the YPG succeed in the long-term. They don't mind them beating ISIS on the ground, but granting them a seat at the table to discuss Syria's political future is not their plans.

In fact, no one wants the YPG at the table to discuss peace, territory, rights, governance, etc.

The many conferences to resolve the war in Syria led by the U.S., Russia, and United Nations all prohibited the political leaders of the YPG from attending.

Like in the past, Washington and its so-called anti-ISIS coalition will betray its Kurdish allies in the future. There should be no doubts about that.

But as long as the YPG continues to take territory on the ground from ISIS and the Assad loyalists then they don't need to worry about being politically betrayed.

If they keep winning battles they can confidently say to regional and international powers that no long-lasting peace in Syria can be achieved without their input.