August 22, 2016

Louisiana Mayor Says Flooding Was Man-Made

An excerpt from, "West Virginia 1000-Year Flood, Wildfires, & Heatwave: Manmade" WeatherWar101:
So from a simple physics, engineering, and scientific standpoint, there has to be source for the massive amounts of water vapor that fuel these weekly historic deluges, that constantly wash away cities and towns within hours, right? There should be a tangible, logical explanation for such consistently recurring (yet completely inexplicable) events. Certainly something more comprehensive than ‘El Nino’ or ‘Climate Change’ did it.

There are plenty of available Water Vapor Generators across this country, and they are right at your local power plant. They are the Cooling Towers and WSAC (Wet Surface Air Coolers). These units are capable of evaporating hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per minute each, and many power stations have enormous banks of them.

There are 7,000 power plants in the United States, and 56,800 of them worldwide. When these Water Vapor Generators are used in combination and in sequence as we see daily (and as you see throughout this video), they are easily capable of generating the trillions of gallons of Water Vapor that comes right back down a short distance later. There are other components to this global system, but this is the easy to understand, daily provable explanation for where all of this water comes from, day after day, after day.
Video Title: Louisiana Mayor Says Flooding Was Man-Made. Source: DAHBOO77. Date Published: August 20, 2016. Description: 
Mayor of Walker, Louisiana, says the historic flood was man-made and plans to sue the state and federal governments.