August 22, 2016

Russian politician Zhirinovsky speech about Lenin in Duma (English subs) + Young Putin denounces communist ideology and Lenin in 1991

The current nationalistic Russian leadership, led by Putin, are the biggest critics of the ghastly legacy of the Soviet Union, the Bolsheviks, and the Communist revolution in 1917. They have learned from their history well.

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"That's why if you telling us not to touch Lenin, well, go to Myasnitskaya street, all deputies, I beg you! In your break, quick march. On Myasnitskaya, buy all the books about the red terror, all archives, all, so to say, numbers! 24 million people Bolsheviks have put to the ground! During the civil war! Can you imagine?!

Another 30 millions during the Great Patriotic War! And during a 100 years, because this is basically continuing. These elements, connected to the Soviet government, 100 million they put to the ground! 100 million people! Laying in graves! And not only this! Bolsheviks slaughtered all the elite! The best supervisors, scientists, officers, policemen, detectives! All the best! Or sent to Gulag, to Siberia, or just shot!

Open works of your saint Lenin! On every page there is: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Open them! 55 volumes! You communists don't read works of your Lenin yourself. Open! On every page: Shoot! Only 1 verb this person knew! Maybe he was smart. We are not saying that he was an idiot. But we are talking about consequences!

The whole Central Committee of Bolsheviks was against the October Revolution! Only 3 people wanted it: Lenin, Trotsky, and Sverdlov! They performed it and headed it. Who gave the money for this revolution?! Sverdlov's brother, an American banker! From America! There's your fifth column, sat in the Kremlin on the second day after the revolution!

It's all open today. Everything is known. When Sverdlov died, they found his safe full of foreign currency!" - Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky [1:38 - 3:18 in the video below].

Video Title: Russian politician Zhirinovsky speech about Lenin in Duma (English subs). Source: Zahinho. Date Published: March 6, 2014. Description:
In this speech in Duma Zhirinovsky speaks about Lenin, because someone from CPRF said something about his party discussing Lenin and the role he played. In the end, he threatened to remove Lenin from Mausoleum, the one on the Red Square. And I bet they regretted bringing it up, because they know, if Zhirinovsky would really wanted it, he'd find a way to do it.
This is one of his better and passionate speeches. He talks about Lenin, Stalin, communism. So what do you think?

Video Title: EXCLUSIVE: Young Putin denounces communist ideology and Lenin in 1991. Source: Russia Insider. Date Published: February 3, 2016.