August 22, 2016

It Is Absurd To Give Aid To This Murderous & Vicious Pakistani Regime - Dana Rohrabacher

An excerpt from, "Balochistan: 'Hundreds of people abducted and murdered by Pakistan army' activists warn" By Ludovica Iaccino, International Business Times, March 11, 2015:
Balochistan was invaded by Britain in 1839. As a result of the invasion hundreds of people, along with the then Baloch ruler Mir Mehrab Khan, died.

Balochistan was then divided into three parts: Northern Balochistan and Western Balochistan were given to Persia and Afghanistan respectively, and Eastern Balochistan was under British rule until 1947.

After the British left, Balochistan was annexed to Pakistan. According to some, the then ruler Khan of Kalat was forced to sign accession documents despite a previous document recognising the independence of the Baloch people which had been signed by the British, Balochistan and the upcoming Pakistan administration.

Since then, separatist groups demanding independence have engaged in armed struggles with the Pakistani government.
"For the record, the people of Balochistan are being slaughtered by this corrupt, oppressive regime. The people of Balochistan have to understand the United States is on their side because they're struggling for independence and self-determination from a corrupt, vicious, terrorist-supporting regime. Same with the Sindhis. Same with other groups in Afghanistan. So we've got a regime that murders and represses and is corrupt with their own people. And yet we still continue to give them some type of support. It is absolutely absurd." - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Video Title: It Is Absurd To Give Aid To This Murderous & Vicious Pakistani Regime - Dana Rohrabacher. Source: DLX Area 1. Date Published: July 14, 2016.