August 27, 2016

Pro-Erdogan Propaganda Coming Out of The West, Russia, And Iran

Erdogan will regret invading Syria and attacking the Kurds.

Press TV, the Islamic Republic's propaganda channel, Russia Today, Euronews, and other Western propaganda channels are all covering for Erdogan's invasion of Syria, saying that he is attacking Daesh/ISIS terrorists when he is doing the opposite. It's like they were handed the same script.

Erdogan and the U.S. made a deal with their buddies Daesh/ISIS to hand over Jarabulus so the Kurds couldn't liberate the city and gain greater territorial control in the north.

Turkey, America, Syria, Russia, and Iran don't want the Kurds to take control of their destiny in Syria and govern themselves according to their own political philosophy and ideas. They are against democracy for the Kurds in Syria, especially Turkey and Iran.

The new propaganda to portray Turkey's invasion of Syria as an operation against ISIS is childish. Anyone with eyes can see that Turkey, NATO, and ISIS are all one family.

The Turkish army is dancing on the emptied streets of Syrian towns with Daesh/ISIS terrorists, not attacking them. They are attacking local Arab tribes, Arab members of the SDF as well as the Kurdish YPG.

This NATO army is screaming AllahUAkbar while slitting the throats of moderate Arabs and secular Kurds. Turkey is becoming another Pakistan, where Jihadists and the army are hand and glove.

The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Syria are going along with the lie that Erdogan is attacking ISIS in order to save face and avoid appearing weak in the face of Turkish/NATO aggression against Syria, the Kurds, secularists, and minorities.

Video Title: Turkish army, Kurdish forces clash in Syria. Source: PressTV. Date Published: August 27, 2016. Description:
Clashes have broken out between the Turkish army and Kurdish forces in northern Syria.
The clashes were reported in two northern villages. The Kurds say fighting first erupted as Turkish tanks advanced on the village of al-Amarna in Syria’s northeast. Turkey has been pressing ahead with its military build-up in northern Syria. It has dispatched six more tanks as part of an operation against Daesh terrorists and Kurdish YPG forces. They joined fifty other tanks, armored vehicles and some four-hundred troops already on the ground. Turkish troops have been pounding the militants’ positions with artillery and mortar fire, and have already taken control of the northern Syrian town of Jarablus. Syria has condemned the intervention as a breach of its sovereignty.

Video Title: Turkish PM says Syria border must be cleansed of threats. Source: euronews. Date Published: August 27, 2016. Description: 
Turkey's prime minister says any Kurdish entity at its border will not be tolerated.

As Ankara sent more tanks across its frontier into Northern Syria, Binali Yildrim said Turkish forces will stay in Syria until the area is cleared of so-called Islamic State (ISIL) and other militants, referring to the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

Video Title: Jarablus ‘being cleansed’ of ISIS, Turkey sends more tanks to Syria. Source: RT. Date Published: August 25, 2016. Description: 
More Turkish military vehicles have been seen at the border with Syria, as Ankara launches a large-scale operation against Islamic State in Syria. Turkish officials say there are more than 20 of its tanks inside Syria at the moment, and that more would be sent as required.