August 27, 2016

Dan Gibson - Trailer for The Sacred City

You can buy Dan Gibson's book "Qur'anic Geography" here and buy or rent his documentary "The Sacred City" here.

An excerpt from, "The Mecca Question: A review of section six of Qur'anic Geography" by Jeremy Smyth, Independent Scholars Press, 2011:
This booklet is a review of the last section of Dan Gibson's academic book: Qur'anic Geography. The original book is 470 pages with over 170 illustrations, time lines, and multiple appendices and bibliographies. It is available in hardcover from Independent Scholars Press ( The original book examines the various geographical references in the Qur'an with whole sections given over to the People of 'Ad, the People of Thamud, Midian, Medina, and Pre-Islamic Arabia. These sections are not referred to in this review.

Rather, this book addresses the fnal section of Qur'anic Geography which focuses on the Holy City of Islam. It is in this section that Gibson presents his fndings that the city of Petra in Jordan was the first and original Holy City of Islam and that it wasn't until several hundred years after the death of Muhammad, that Abbasid rulers in Iraq endorsed the village of Mecca in Saudi Arabia as Islam's holy city. At first, this theory sounds unbelievable, but Gibson presents overwhelming archeological, literary and historical evidence to support his position. While most people will never read the original academic study, it is hoped that through this review, you will be introduced to the study, and better understand what academics and Muslim scholars are wrestling with.
Video Title: Trailer for The Sacred City. Source: Dan Gibson. Date Published: May 6, 2016. Description:
Canadian researcher Dan Gibson claims that Muslims are praying in the wrong direction. In this film he presents his arguments using archeology, satellite photography, and ancient manuscripts. Beautifully filmed in the Middle East, the film is a detective story that investigates the dawn of Islam and will become a talked about film for years to come.