July 24, 2016

Kosovo Harbors ISIS Terrorists; Washington Takes Taliban Line In Diplomatic Tug of War With Turkey; Erdogan Is Becoming The Turkish Barzani

An excerpt from, "Kosovo's Daesh Camps Act as Creche for Young Terrorists" Sputnik News, July 22, 2016:
There are at least five Daesh military training camps in Kosovo, located in remote areas near the self-proclaimed republic's border with Albania and Macedonia, a source close to the intelligence services told Sputnik.

In an interview with Sputnik, a source close to the intelligence services singled out at least five Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) training camps, located in remote areas near Kosovo's border with Albania and Macedonia
Europe has more ISIS sympathizers and exports more ISIS terrorists than anywhere else in the world. It's very bizarre. Not even Saudi Arabians love ISIS/Daesh as much as some misguided European Muslims do. 

Source - Angry Arab:
The US response to the extradition of Gulen is exactly like that of the Taliban about Bin Laden 
The US government has adamantly refused to extradite Gulen to Turkey, standing behind the request that the Turkish government should submit evidence against Gulen to the US government. But that was exactly the stance of the Taliban: they said that they would surrender Bin Laden to the US government if the US were to submit evidence of his complicity to the Taliban regime. But the US was too eager to go to war to bother with evidence (which it had at the time, or shortly after). 
The Sultan is forcing Uncle Sam's hand on Gulen. And his government is totally in the right in this instance. Erdogan has more of a case with Gulen after this coup than Bush did with Bin Laden after 9/11. Washington never had any evidence that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 or that the Taliban in Afghanistan harbored the terrorists who did the crime. All the evidence pointed to the CIA and Mossad as the masterminds and perpetrators. But you don't need evidence to go to war when you have a powerful military. The two-faced Sultan has no choice but to accept rejection from Washington.

An excerpt from, "Erdoğan’s Coup: Purging Domestic Critics, Gaining External Allies" By Prof. James Petras, Global Research, July 24, 2016:
Erdoğan’s pre-emptive coup, purge and power grab will result in a monolithic state which Erdoģan will shape into his long-sought version of an Islamist regime. The new regime announced a ‘State of Emergency’, which places all Turks under strict compliance with Erdoğan’s policies.

Erdoğan’s “New Order” will launch large-scale operations against the Kurds, with no respect for the Syrian or Iraqi national borders. Erdoğan will ensure compliance with Islamist decrees designed to enforce conformity. He will succeed in imposing a dictatorial ‘Presidential’ regime. And parliament, if necessary will be bypassed; his ‘electoral’ mandate will be ensured.

In the immediate aftermath, mass detentions will strengthen the state – and Erdoğan’s generals, allied religious authorities and street thugs will call the shots.

Unleashing force and violence against his domestic enemies, however, may lead to internal disputes among the new predators over the spoils of victory. The economic elite may accept the New Order, but only if and when Erdoğan tones down his rhetorical attacks on the US and the EU.

Erdoğan has yet to develop a strategy on replacing the purged (‘Gulenist’) professionals within the civilian economy and public bureaucracy – especially the schools and judiciary. The impetuous reversals of his reckless policy of confrontation with Russia, Syria, Israel, Iran, Iraq and the Kurds are likely to generate new layers of discontent, especially among his current military commanders. Erdoğan’s New Order arises from the breakdown of civil society and long-term alliances. He may remain in power in Ankara but he will be viewed as more of a local political thug than a partner among the regional big powers.
In other words, Erdogan is the Turkish Barzani. Both of these scumbags deserve each other. In the past five years they have worked together to starve Rojava in northern Syria which is ruled by the YPG/PYD, imposing an economic blockade that the press never talks about.