July 24, 2016

ISIS As An Instrument of U.S. Foreign Policy; Bahraini Prince Joins ISIS; France's Intervention In Libya's Politics Causes A Huge Backlash

Need to put pressure on Maliki's government in Baghdad? Bring in ISIS. Need to relieve pressure from President Ghani's government in Kabul? Bring in ISIS.

This is a lesson for all so-called U.S. allies in the region, from the naive and trustful Kurds to the rich spoiled Arab slavers. If they don't play ball with Uncle Sam and do as he says then they will face endless terror attacks. "ISIS" is waiting in the wings, a sleepless predator, to strike at a moment's notice to correct their behaviour.

Terrorism really is the perfect weapon, and its usefulness is especially evident when wielded by a superpower with limitless money to spend.

An excerpt from, "Bahraini prince defects and joins ISIS, calling his father, King Hamad to abdicate and pledge allegiance to Islamic State, say reports" AWDnews, July 18, 2016:
Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa ,the fourth son of the Bahraini King and the charming commander of Bahrain's Royal Guard has recently defected  and fled to ISIS-held territories  via Turkish border . In a message to his fellow countrymen , he exhorted them to mass exodus and mutiny to join the ranks of self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate which controls large swaths of territory in war-torn  Syria , namely Iraq's second-largest city and home to a half million people.

"My father is a timid and pusillanimous so-called king desperately clinging to his American masters in order to save his throne. He practically handed over our country's independence and sovereignty to American unbelievers. Unfortunately, he is just my biological father but the truth is that my spiritual leader and ultimate mentor is the Esteemed Amir al-Mumineen[Commander of the Faithful] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," added the former  president of the Bahrain Olympic Committee.
What a way to rebel against your father. Most kids just leave the house. This goof decides to join a mass murdering rape cult.

If the only alternative to monarchical rule under the greedy thumb of the U.S. is CIA/Mossad/MI6-empowered ISIS then the spoiled Gulf Arab slavers will be royally screwed for generations to come. And they will take the entire region down with them. As they see it, the destruction of Syria and Yemen is only the beginning.

An excerpt from, "French support of rival general threatens Libya’s UN-backed government" By John Pearson, The National, July 23, 2016:
Revelations that three French special forces operatives killed in Libya last week were working with maverick general Khalifa Haftar has proved a game changer in the country’s fragile politics, threatening the future of the new UN-backed government.

Angry crowds denounced both France and the new Government of National Accord in Tripoli on Friday night, burning French flags and threatening to storm the GNA’s former headquarters at the city naval base – a symbolic threat given that the GNA had vacated the site nearly two weeks before.

The GNA is struggling to control the capital in the country’s west, facing street protests this month over power cuts, food shortages and inflation. The realisation that Gen Haftar has French backing further undermines its credibility, leaving Libyans on all sides questioning whether it should stay in office.