March 14, 2016

Saudi Arabia: The Shame of The Arabs And Muslims

The Saudis suffer from an inferiority complex. Poor guys can't wipe their asses without American aid.

An excerpt from, "Fraught with defeat and shame in Yemen, the Saudi regime employs private military firms" Veterans Today, March 14, 2016:
Amid the intense public pressure in Saudi Arabia after a year of all but unsuccessful Saudi-led Operation ‘Decisive Storm’ against Yemeni civilians, the hapless Saudi regime pleads 1400 Academi security servicemen for help ,signing a long-term deal worth $ 539 million.

Riyadh desires to subdue the local Yemeni tribes which petrodollar held no allure for them and instead owe allegiance to their Yemeni national army, revolutionary Committees and did not bow to Saudi political whims. The Saudi regime also vowed to wield its enormous influence among al-Qaeda militants in Yemen to prevent any attack against Academi mercenaries.

Lt Gen. Khalfan said that Saudi government is obliged to compensate each dead Academi mercenary family with $ 300.000, whereas a mere bagatelle of $ 35,000 is being paid for local Yemeni mercenaries and $ 150,000 for any foreign fighters.