March 14, 2016

Donald Trump The Wise

If a rapist, a snitch, a son of a CIA director, and a Muslim from Kenya can all become president, then why can't an American businessman? It is about damn time somebody normal becomes the leader of the free world.

An excerpt from, "This new revelation should cripple Donald Trump. But it won’t. Here’s why." By Greg Sargent, Washington Post, March 14, 2016:
The Post report reveals that Trump, in setting up a new line of clothing named after himself (Trump really has an affection for naming things after himself, doesn’t he?), did not give any concern to whether the product would be made in America. Despite running a candidacy based on criticism of “stupid” free trade deals, he profited off of foreign labor abroad
Trump’s GOP rivals and the Super PACs hoping to stop him have previously attacked Trump for other similar revelations, declaring him a hypocrite and a phony who is conning working class voters by pretending to be on their side. But such attacks don’t appear to work. Why not?

The most likely explanation — beyond the most obvious one, which is that information like this is simply not getting through to Republican voters — may be that, in a perverse way, revelations like these actually bolster his message, rather than undercutting it. Trump’s argument is that he has a unique grasp, via direct experience and participation, of all the ways in which our political and economic system is rigged to make it easier for people such as himself to fleece working Americans. This understanding of how the game really works positions him well to fix it. He has been in on the elites’ scam for decades, and now, having made a killing off of it, he’s here to put an end to it.