February 3, 2016

Nigerian President Warns Europe of "Strategic Time Bomb" In Libya; Egyptian General Criticizes U.S.-Led Anti-ISIS Campaign; ISIS Plans To Seize Libya's Oil Crescent

An excerpt from, "Nigeria president warns of Libya 'time bomb'" news24, February 3, 2016:
"I must express our serious concern about the alarming situation in southern Libya which is becoming a strategic time bomb for Africa and indeed Europe," Buhari told MEPs in the French city of Strasbourg.

"The ungoverned south of southern Libya has become a... arms bazaar which threatens the security of the Sahel region as well as the north Africa region and beyond.
An excerpt from, "US & NATO Should Stop Meddling in Mideast, Let Libyan Gov't Fight Terrorism" Sputnik, February 2, 2016:
Interviewed by Sputnik Arabic, Maj-Gen. Mousa, a professor of Strategy & National Security at the Nasser Military Academy in Cairo, complained that despite the fact that the US-led military effort against Daesh is now in its second year, the terrorist group "has only expanded and reinforced its existence in Iraq and Syria, and [spread] beyond these countries until it reached Libya –precisely, to the city of Sirte."

"Had the United States and NATO been serious and honest about the elimination of terrorism, they would have lifted military sanctions from the Libyan Army, which is responsible [for] the National Government in Libya, as well as fighting terrorism," the analyst suggested.

Instead, the analyst said, "the United States is a 'force' which leads to terrorism in the Middle East; its strategic goal is the segmentation of the Arab countries into small statelets," pushing "Muslim groups to become extremist groups," and thus working to challenge "the rule of the governments of Arab countries."
An excerpt from, "Islamic State consolidates position in Libya" by Ludovico Carlino, IHS Jane's Intelligence Review, February 2, 2016:
The Islamic State accelerated efforts to expand and consolidate its presence in Libya during December 2015 and January 2016. The Islamist militant group has managed to take control of further cities west and south of Sirte, its de facto capital in Libya; to stage a prolonged offensive on two oil export terminals in the so-called 'Oil Crescent' area; and to increase the frequency and the lethal nature of its terrorist attacks against security forces targets.