February 4, 2016

Foreign Policy Diary – Libya’s Instability Threatens Regional Security

An excerpt from, "Foreign Policy Diary – Libya’s Instability Threatens Regional Security" South Front, January 29, 2016:
Though Syria and Iraq are the main theaters of global standoff and terrorist activity in recent years, there is another country that also draws the attention of the world powers: Libya. Since the fall of Muammar Gadhafi in 2011, the war-torn country has been in a constant crisis fueled by the West’s inability to implement any kind of a peace settlement involving a wide range of competing entities operating in the country. The so-called “national unity government” backed by the UN has almost no influence in the country. The crucial oil infrastructure and the coastal zone are controlled by fragmented factions. Indeed, it’s obvious that US and European diplomats won’t be able to control the Libyan conflict over the long term. A conflict they created themselves. A diplomatic solution could be found through UN procedures and under the supervision of the international community through neutral states such India, Malaysia, Indonesia or even Latin America states. Unfortunately, this type of “neutral approach” is never implemented by the UN.
Video Title: Foreign Policy Diary – Libya’s Instability Threatens Regional Security. Source: South Front. Date Published: January 29, 2016.