December 26, 2014

2015 & Beyond: The Denuclearization And Break-Up of Pakistan, An Attack On Iran, And The Further Disintegration of Syria

"Talk about unintended consequences. Could the Palestinians’ pursuit of statehood at the United Nations finally put an end to the movement of so-called non-aligned nations, who have nursed Arab grievances against Israel for decades? That certainly seems to be the implication of a report that India is considering a change to its pattern of supporting the Palestinians at the United Nations. Instead, the country, under new leadership and with growing ties to Israel, may abstain on votes regarding the Middle East peace process." - Seth Lipsky, "India’s shift away from Palestine could spell the Non-Aligned Movement's doom" Haaretz, December 25, 2014.

"Speculation that India may end a half-century long pattern of voting against Israel at UN bodies is reaching a feverish pitch, following reports this week that the Palestinians can no longer automatically count on New Delhi’s support.

In what The Hindu newspaper described as a potential “tectonic shift in the country’s foreign policy,” the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the head of the Hindu nationalist BJP party which triumphed in India’s election last May, is deliberating over whether to take a more even-handed stance towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Modi visited Israel in 2006 and enjoys a warm relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." - The Algemeiner, "Speculation Growing Over India’s Potential Pro-Israel Shift at UN" December 24, 2014.

"In order for an attack to be launched on Pakistan to destroy Pakistan's nuclear plants and nuclear weapons you will also have to break up Pakistan so that Pakistan can never revive itself. Because the Pakistanis are going to be very angry. Who is going to do that job? To break up Pakistan? You don't need a PhD to answer that question, do you? Israel's most strategic ally in the world today, after the United States, is India. India used to be secular India, under the Indian national congress. But now India has become Hindu India, not the Hindu of Gandhi, a different kind of Hindu India. And this Hindu India is joined with Israel in a strategic alliance. And so India is going to play a significant role in that effort to denuclearize Pakistan and to destroy and break up Pakistan into bits and pieces. I believe the Indian Muslims already know that. They know that.

And so that is one of the possible wars that's coming. The second, an attack on Iran. You don't have to tell me that Iran is Shia, and we are Sunni. I know that. But I don't subscribe to the view that the Shia are Kuffar (infidel). If that's your view, that's your view, it's not mine. And when they attack Iran it will not only be for the possible threat of nuclear weapons in Iran. No, they have another target. And that is to remove this government. It's called regime change. Because this government in Iran is a thorn in their sides. If it's not willing to bow and bend before Israel. Like Libya under Gaddafi. Libya did not bow its knees to Israel. And if you do not bow your knees to Israel we can send some foolish Mujahideen against you. Some fools who call themselves Mujahideen. They're fools. And I have said to them 'you're fools.' You're not Mujahideen. You're fools. Because the Quran has prohibited you from entering into an alliance with a Jewish-Christian alliance, which are the Zionists. And if you do that, you've lost your Islam.

And because Libya did not bow to Israel, that's why they attacked Libya. And because Iran is not prepared to bow to Israel, that's why they will attack Iran. And the purpose of the attack on Iran is to try to bring about a regime change so that a new government will come to Iran like the one you have in, what is it called? The American Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The shameless American Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has entered into an alliance with the Zionists. So that's what they want to do with Iran. So that you can get rid of this government in Iran, and bring another one which will become an ally of Israel. And that is when the hadith will be fulfilled, that 70,000 Jews from Isfahan will follow Dajjal (AntiChrist)." - Sheikh Imran Hosein, "The Future Of Islam In India, Pakistan & Bangladesh" June 1, 2012. [9:40 -14:44].
The U.S. war against Syria is going according to plan into its fourth year. The U.S., Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are not interested in defeating their creation ISIS. Their strategy all along has been to bleed Syria to death, carve it up along sectarian and ethnic lines, and destroy its economy and infrastructure.

Syria is unrecognizable today from where it was in 2010. Educated and entrepreneurial refugees with the energy to build are pouring out, and blood-thirsty Jihadist radicals with the energy to destroy are pouring in. That is how you finish off a country and reduce its material, economic, and military power. Syria will still hold strategic and political value, like Iraq, but when it is all set and done, it won't ever be able to lift a finger to Israel. 

The next targets on the USraeli hit list are Pakistan and Iran. The U.S. intention to attack these two countries was made apparent thirteen years ago on 9/11. You don't commit a crime like that only to take out a bunch of nobodies in Al-Qaeda. You commit a crime like that to commit even bigger crimes in the future, and start much bigger wars.

By stationing in Afghanistan after the false flag 9/11 attacks, the U.S. government has been able to keep tabs on Pakistan's nuclear program as well as direct massive amounts of heroin into Iran to weaken the underbelly of society. Drugs and nukes are what the war criminals in Washington have been after in the Middle East, not funny sounding terrorists.

President Barack Obama has said that Afghanistan won't ever be a source for terrorist attacks against America in the future, but Afghanistan has never been a source of terror against America. Less than half of the people of the world believes the U.S. government's laughable lies about 9/11. Afghanistan and Al Qaeda never attacked America. It is as simple as that. Maybe some President in the future will be honest with the American people and the world about 9/11, but it obviously isn't this one.

There is some optimism about the possibilities of peace in the Middle East and the American role in creating it because the U.S. is signaling that it is moving out of Afghanistan and seeking rapprochement with Iran. But that optimism is based on naivety and delusion.

The optimism about the Iran-P5+1 Nuclear Negotiations are misplaced. Sure, there is diplomatic nice talk, but at the end of the day that's meaningless. There has been a lot of posturing going on from both sides, so it is hard to read between the lines, but it's clear that the criminals in Washington are not interested in settling the matter once and for all. They want to keep the sanctions in place before they ultimately decide to attack Iran.

The leadership in Tehran also wouldn't mind a war because a war atmosphere would enable them to totally enforce their power over Iranian society and more rigorously impose a prison-style lockdown on the population.

The rising youth, who make up more than half of the country, have no deep historical connections with the revolutionary events of 1979 and the long traumatic war following it, so the mullahs need another war at this critical moment in their turbulent rule to keep dissent and rebellion at bay. They would rather see Iran collapse during wartime than see themselves lose power in peacetime. They're looking for a war with America and Israel because it would further solidify their rule over the country. And Washington and Tel Aviv will give them one because they have no intention to make peace with anybody in the region, whether it be in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, or Palestine. Why would they?

Again, you don't do something like 9/11 only to take out a few terrorists in a cave and then say, "okay, we're done now, we will be going home, thank you for your cooperation." 9/11 was a stepping stone for big things. There have always been targets bigger than Al-Qaeda in place, beginning with Iraq and Afghanistan, but certainly not finishing with them.

The war criminals in Washington and Israel who did 9/11 want to destroy Islamic civilization and totally collapse Muslim societies. From Pakistan to Libya, their thirst for destruction knows no boundaries. And they're well on their way to doing it. Iraq has lost more than half of its Christian population. Syria is losing thousands of years of heritage according to a new UN report. And this is only the beginning of what USrahell has in store for these societies.