December 27, 2014

Washington And Hollywood Use Entertainment To Demean Enemy And Ally Alike

The leaders of North Korea and Pakistan are afraid of Hollywood trash.

If the incompetent and corrupt leaders of North Korea and Pakistan cared more about providing freedom and prosperity to their people rather than stupid movies and TV shows produced in Hollywood who knows where the development of these countries would be by now.

They care more about what brainwashed audiences of Hollywood products think of their countries than their own countries.

Pathetic Pakistani officials are crawling to Hollywood and begging the makers of the show 'Homeland' to paint a better picture of their crumbling government and society. It's too late for that, bozos.

These retarded Pakistani officials still speak of "U.S. principles and values" as if these words mean anything in the wake of the CIA Torture Report.

They should've cared about their reputation thirty-five years ago before welcoming the foreign invaders in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia into Afghanistan and Pakistan to ruin their societies with religious bigotry and violent teachings.

The Soviet-backed government in Afghanistan was more civilized and enlightened than anything Americans, Saudis, and Pakistanis have managed to replace it with.

This is not a defense of what the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan, but at least they weren't going around and arming religious madmen, brainwashing generations of children to hate with textbooks, and recruiting psychotic mercenaries from all over the Muslim world to live out their 7th-century fantasies.

But, with all that said, the leaders of these two countries have some right to be angry at Washington and Hollywood because films like 'The Interview' are not harmless comedies.

Hollywood has a major influence on the thoughts and beliefs of the American people and people all over the world. When you question the official story about the death of Bin Laden, people answer back with 'Zero Dark Thirty.' Film has replaced fact. CIA assassinations are done in movies as well as real life.

Also, the criminal U.S. regime has assassinated many leaders around the world, so it is no laughing matter for the leader of North Korea when he watches himself get killed in a movie.

Still, the juvenile leaders of North Korea and Pakistan need to grow up, and care less about what Hollywood is doing. The officials of Pakistan are so sensitive about what 'Homeland' has to say about Pakistan because it's true. They need to stop criticizing American TV shows and get busy fixing their country, starting by getting rid of their nuclear weapons.