November 30, 2014

The Obama Admin Uses Psych Tests To Select Psychopaths Out of The Loose Pile of Syrian Rebels And Then Trains Them To Be Part Of ISIS

"Under the plan, which has not been finalized, “moderate” fighters will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Successful participants would gradually attain access to higher levels of training and weaponry, and fighters found to be wanting would be dismissed from the program. 
The screening for the Syrian fighters is also aimed at ensuring that militants aligned with the Islamic State or other extremist groups don’t infiltrate U.S.-sponsored training. 
U.S. officials have said that training will occur in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and two other countries. Some training is already believed to be occurring in Qatar, and training might also take place in Jordan, a close U.S. ally where the United States has previously trained special forces from other Middle Eastern countries." - Missy Ryan, "U.S. will use psych evaluations, stress tests to screen Syrian rebels for training"  The Washington Post, November 28, 2014.
It's a good time to be a psychopathic killer in the Middle East right now. It is boom time. Uncle Sam is hiring in country and he is flush with easy money from the Fed.

Everyday is Black Friday in the psychopath market in Raqqa, Syria.

Washington's aim in Syria all along has been to create a ruthless, merciless, and efficient army that is deeply schooled in Salafism, Wahhabism, and all the other fanatical and intolerant isms that make Saudi Arabia such a backwater both culturally and politically.

The "Syrian Rebels" are the trash heap from which U.S. military and CIA trainers dig through to bolster their new favourite death cult, ISIS.

From day one of the partly manufactured and partly real uprisings in Syria informed observers said that there were no moderates amongst the Syrian Rebels.

But that didn't stop Washington from pouring in weapons and money because a moderate army is not what Washington has been after. Moderates don't win wars, extremists do, and, at the end of the day, the U.S. wants to win the war against Assad, regardless of the measures it takes.

The recruiting and training of psychopaths from a large pool of fighters is an old game for Washington. Been there, done that. The crazy U.S. government takes the same approach in its own military promotion program.

The individuals it identifies as psychopaths who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq are promoted to higher, and more secretive units. And they will be deployed in all sorts of tricky scenarios going forward, including in future domestic disturbances because these wild dogs have no reservations about eating their own.

Those who are fighting in ISIS, especially the commanders, like to eat their own on a regular basis. They relish the opportunity. Their actions are not regulated by any sense of morality, loyalty, spirituality, or conscience. They were picked out of a pile not for their fighting abilities (they're being beaten by women in Kobani), or their psychological maturity, but for their lack of conscience and empathy.

The CIA, MI6, and the intelligence agencies of other countries like Turkey, France, and Saudi Arabia never wanted or needed choir boy moderates in their makeshift army. They knew what they were looking for, and they got it.

As ISIS matured and developed on the battlefields of Syria, Iraq, and Kurdistan in the past three and a half years, the U.S. government's fingerprints were not far behind their footsteps. And they won't stop training more psychopaths for ISIS until the planned march to Damascus is complete.

Today ISIS is supposedly being fired upon by U.S. planes, tomorrow they'll be taking territory under their cover.