November 28, 2014

USrahell & NATO Love Supporting Islamic Radicalism In The Name of Democracy And Human Rights

The problems in Syria won't ever be fixed by the morally and politically bankrupt U.S. government and NATO. All they have the power to do is set fire to the country and tear it to pieces using their well-trained Jihadist barbarians, as they did to Libya. 

U.S officials are like the outsiders in Ferguson who come into town preaching the gospel of revolution and leave behind them nothing but fires that have to be put out by the real residents who have built up businesses and made the community worth living in. 

USrahell is good at starting fires, creating riots, and terrorizing countries. Its demonic leaders have a spirit of destruction and hatred. They are not interested in building the world up like the BRICS nations but in tearing it down and seeing it burn. Their disposition is like ISIS terrorists but they are way more dangerous because they possess a massive nuclear arsenal and a huge media empire that unfortunately reaches the whole world. 

ISIS doesn't scare me, USrahell does. ISIS isn't destroying Syria, USrahell is doing that. ISIS didn't create the catastrophic refugee crisis in Syria, the biggest since WWII, USrahell did. The Syrian regime also shares some of the blame. Assad isn't a prophet sent by God who is beyond criticism, but scumbag officials and politicians in Washington have no right to make up lies about the man in order to portray him as the second coming of Hitler. 

What have the global fire starters in Washington actually achieved in Syria in the last three years? These thugs and terrorists who give themselves the titles of Secretary of State, President, and Chief of Staff, are stuck between ISIS, a monster they created, and Assad, a monster they want to destroy. 

But the reality is Assad is Ghandi compared to ISIS so the logic of choosing one monster to defeat another monster doesn't apply in this case. 

Covertly, Washington has aligned itself with ISIS since the start of the war, throwing much cash and weapons its way, but publicly it has no choice but to at least put on a show that it is fighting these terrorist mercenaries. Appearances must be kept up.

But appearances is all USrahell cares about. USrahell doesn't give a damn if it gives birth to a radical and expansionist Islamist state in Damascus. They are doing everything to make this happen. USrahell did the 9/11 crime and never looked back, so the idea that they will stop their support for ISIS terrorists just because a few of their citizens got beheaded is naive. The CIA has killed more Americans than these Jihadi knockoffs can ever dream of so a couple of dead journalists and aid workers in the Syrian desert doesn't bother them all that much. 

They still have their eye on the one monster they want to kill in Syria and they don't care if they happen to create a thousand other, more dangerous monsters in the process.

We should remember that Mossad created Hamas and the CIA put Saddam in power, so creating monsters is something that they know all too well how to do.