October 8, 2014

[Video] The Swiss militiaman fighting in Syria to protect Christians

While large, powerful, and wealthy states are secretly training ISIL terrorists and equipping with sophisticated weapons to wipe religious and ethnic minorities from the map in Syria, small groups and individuals like the Swiss officer interviewed in the video below are teaching basic self-defense military techniques to ordinary citizens to help them defend their communities from ISIL's brutal terror campaigns.

In the end, the large, powerful, and wealthy states such as America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, France, Israel, Qatar, and UAE who are backing ISIL's terror in Syria and across the region, will lose, and the small groups like the PYD, Christian militias, and a handful of others who are fighting this barbaric terrorism will all the life force in them, will win.

There are not many positive news stories coming from Syria, but this is one of them. It is important that we don't only focus on the evil barbarism that is taking place there. There are other positive stories of individuals going to Syria to help defend besieged communities from ISIL, such as a U.S. Air Force veteran from Ohio named Brian Wilson.

The Swiss officer and the U.S. Air Force veteran who decided to go to Syria are brave heroes because they have not been coerced by their governments into going, but instead have come to their decisions independently.

Video Title: The Swiss militiaman fighting in Syria to protect Christians. Source: swissinfovideos. Date Published: October 2, 2014. Description:
A former Swiss army officer has founded a militia in Syria to protect Christian minorities from jihadists. (RTS, Cyril D├ępraz - swissinfo.ch)