October 10, 2014

The Israel Lobby: In Defense of Christians?

An excerpt from, "Israel Lobby: In Defense of Christians?" by Maidhc Ó Cathail, The Unz Review, October 2, 2014:
Having long since captured the sympathies of America’s evangelical Christians, Israel’s friends have recently been attempting to show empathy for the persecuted Christian churches of the Arab World in what appears to be a concerted effort to garner support for Tel Aviv’s regional aspirations. Only founded earlier this year, a previously obscure non-profit organization called “In Defense of Christians” suddenly attracted international headlines during its inaugural summit (Sept. 9-11). The stated purpose of the three-day Washington, D.C. gathering was to raise awareness about the plight of beleaguered Middle Eastern Christian communities whose continued existence is threatened by the advance of the Islamic State, or ISIS, and other takfiri groups.
Video Title:  The Israel Lobby: In Defense of Christians? Source: Ry Dawson. Date Published: October 7, 2014.