September 30, 2014

Netanyahu Declared War On The UN And Islam In The Same Speech At UNGA

This dumb ass mentioned baseball player Derek Jeter and Palestinian group Hamas in the same speech.

On Monday, September 29, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu topped the insanity and stupidity of his speech last year at the United Nations General Assembly by giving a speech in which he declared war on both the UN and Islam.

Netanyahu referred to the UN's Human Rights Council as the "terrorist" rights council and he equated ISIS with Hamas in a vain and futile attempt to legitimize his government's recent vicious onslaught against Gaza in the eyes of the international community. He is seeking to discredit the UN and all Islamic movements in the Middle East.

Netanyahu's arrogance keeps getting higher and higher year after year because diplomats, world leaders, and the press passively tolerate his obnoxious statements.

The UN's record on human rights and the representatives of political fundamentalist Islam, whether they be Hamas or the Islamic Republic of Iran, are not worthy of defense, but Netanyahu's extremist and violent rhetoric will definitely do more harm than good. He has become the voice of Jewish terrorism.

This stupid liar went on about how ISIS is wrecking Syria and the region, targeting religious and ethnic minorities, and never once mentioned the covert role that his evil government has been playing in this unfolding tragedy. Israel is militarily supporting ISIS terrorists on its border with Syria and has even treated ISIS terrorists in its hospitals.

Israel shares this criminal track record with Turkey, whose leader the other day tried to deceive the world by saying that his government will be acting against ISIS in Syria. This is a lie. It has become clear to every one who is not willfully blind that Erdogan and his ministers have been propping up ISIS in Syria in every manner possible.

Both Netanyahu and Erdogan want ISIS to succeed in Syria. Their criminal governments have quietly helped these liver-eating terrorists with arms, medical treatment, and military support.

But Netanyahu, Erdogan, and their proxy Jihadist terrorists will fail to achieve their sinister plans for the destruction of Syria and the region, just as President Obama and his morally bankrupt Arab allies will fail.