September 30, 2014

Idiotic Soccer Fans In Morocco Cheer On The Genocidal Killers of Daesh/ISIS

Title: Moroccan Soccer Fans Root for ISIS. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: Sept 29, 2014. Description:
A week after Algerian militants kidnapped and slaughtered a French tourist, a video has surfaced on the Internet in which Moroccan soccer fans sing pro-ISIS chants. In the video, posted on September 29, 2014, the fans of the Raja Club Athletic from Casablanca, Morocco, can be heard chanting: "ISIS! ISIS!" and "Let's go on Jihad!"
How else can you explain this stupidity than by saying like attracts like? It's like NASCAR fans voting for the GOP. You can't expect anything else. Dumb people join popular fads, and ISIS is a big deal now in the Muslim world because of its propaganda. The Muslim world is filled with way more stupid gullible people than America so Daesh's possibilities for recruitment are endless.

And now that the "crusader" America has attacked them in Syria and Iraq, after covertly building them up for the last half decade, ISIS's recruiters will have an even easier time getting people to join. Washington has served it up on a tee for ISIS, and that's not by accident.

Of course, support for ISIS in war-torn Syria makes sense, because for most Sunnis the options are either join them and share in the victory, fight them and most likely be killed by them, or stick with Assad, which they can't stomach. So they can be forgiven for supporting the genocidal killers in Daesh/ISIS because their necks are on the line and ISIS is the most efficient and effective counterweight against Assad, but those who support these war-crazed maniacs and who are far away from the battlefields, whether they live in Morocco, Europe, or wherever, they should know better.