June 11, 2014

US Destabilization Efforts In Syria, Coupled With Saudi-Turkish Support For Al-Qaeda, Led To The Fall of Mosul

NATO's pawns take Mosul.

NATO and Turkey are planning to hold an emergency meeting about the takeover of Mosul by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. What is there to discuss? Will they debate how much more money, arms, and training they will give these killers and robbers?

The US has provided military training to the leaders of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, the Saudis are throwing money at these guys all day and night, and Turkey has continued to shelter them in their territory, even against the backdrop of public discontent about their government's position on Syria.

The Turkish government also lends its ambulance crews to ISIS to help treat their wounded. And, of course, let's not forget the UN humanitarian camps inside Jordan, Turkey, and other neighbouring countries that have served as bases for these terrorist groups.

It wouldn't be surprising if the Turkish government ordered ISIS leaders to take hostages in their consulate in Mosul in order to make themselves appear as victims at this crucial moment and help deflect global public attention away from their government's support for ISIS and al-Qaeda in northern Syria.

There are many governments responsible for this humanitarian and security crisis, the blame should not be placed totally on the retarded government of Iraq. The U.S. government and its regional allies, especially Saudi Arabia and Turkey, couldn't be more happy about the developments in Mosul. They planned this. To what extent? It remains unclear.

But there is no doubt that ISIS's NATO and Gulf overlords had a big hand in this operation. You think a band of baboons were able to take Mosul in a span of a few days by themselves? That's like believing a band of baboons were able to take down three buildings with two planes.

The reality is that military experts from the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Jordan, Israel, Pakistan, and other countries help train, guide, and assist terrorist forces such as al-Qaeda, and ISIS. These radical Jihadist groups would not be able to take a city the size of Mosul without military guidance from NATO experts.

The corrupt governments of these countries have created the disaster in Mosul by assisting al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria for over three years in a failed attempt to bring down the regime in Syria. This link is being ignored by the media in its coverage of the fall of Mosul, but it should not be forgotten.