June 11, 2014

Iraqi Army Officers Gave Soldiers In Mosul 2 Options: Fight or Flee

Photo: Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki declaring a national state of emergency after Mosul was taken. He should have resigned right then and there.

The army of post-Saddam Iraq is the biggest joke of the century so far. There are militias in Michigan who can take on this so-called army and win in a matter of hours. Read this excerpt from, "Iraqi soldier describes army 'without leadership' in Mosul" by Omar al-Jaffal, Al-Monitor, June 11:
At 3 a.m. on June 10, Twitter users affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) began tweeting that ISIS had control of security centers in Nineveh.

An officer from the army's 2nd division in Nineveh province, who spoke to Al-Monitor by phone on condition of anonymity, said, "It was during these hours exactly that the army was without leadership."

"We received messages stating that parts [of the city], that were under our control, had fallen. But we were without leaders and had no orders to act," the officer said.

"The soldiers were perplexed," he noted, adding, "We put the options in front of them and said: Whoever wants to fight, fight; whoever wants to flee, flee."

He continued, "At 4 a.m., another officer and I decided to change out of our military uniforms. We took a civilian car and headed to the Kurdistan Region."
What a way to set an example. Tell your soldiers to fight or flee, and then flee yourselves asap. Is this what billions of U.S. dollars pays for these days? The army of Iraq should officially call it quits after this epic humiliation. A small Kurdish militia in Syria, women among them, has enough competence to contain and battle these terrorist groups, but the army of Iraq didn't even put up a fight when their second largest city came under attack. This is the same army that still uses proven fake bomb detectors at checkpoints, while the guy who sold it to them sits in jail in Britain. No wonder ISIS and al-Qaeda are gaining ground against these bozos.