June 17, 2014

[Video] Iraq: Dramatic Images of Shia Preparing to Fight (Source: Wall Street Journal)

The president of the United States is the biggest arms dealer in the world.

"US and allies arm ISIS in Syria. US arms Maliki in Iraq. ISIS and Maliki use arms to fight each other. A very twisted game." - Rania Khalek.

The Iran-Iraq war comes to mind, when Washington cynically armed both sides to keep the war going for as long as possible.

Instead of directing their animus at their real enemies in Washington and Tel Aviv, Sunnis and Shiites are mindlessly fighting each other to the benefit of their murderers and torturers. Stupidity has a high price.

The criminal and inhuman governments in Washington and Tel Aviv will laugh all the way to the bank as they arm both sides in this bloodbath via the corrupt governments in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, and Iraq. There will be no shortage of arms, or of men, to keep this unnecessary war going for at least another decade for USrahell's interest.

The US trained the 9/11 hijackers at their own bases inside their own country, under the watchful eye of no one, so what makes anyone think that they're not training ISIS Jihadists in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Libya, and wherever else their CIA and Pentagon advisers are located in the region? Hell, they probably trained these terrorists better than they trained the Iraqi army.

Title: Iraq: Dramatic Images of Shia Preparing to Fight. Source: WSJDigitalNetwork. Date Published: June 16.