May 5, 2014

Ukraine: Obama mocked as mix of Hitler and Tymoshenko

Mr. President, stop supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine and Al-Qaeda in Syria. That is all that informed people are asking of the leader of the free world. It's not a lot. They're not asking you to conquer galaxies, or cure AIDS, just stop arming Nazis and Jihadist terrorists. Sounds fair?

An excerpt from, "Ukraine: U.S. Campaign Stuck Without Russian Intervention And German Support" by 'b' of Moon of Alabama, May 4, 2014:
Two days ago a mob, supported by the fascists Right Sektor, killed over 30 federalist Ukrainians in Odessa by pushing them from their camp into a building and then setting fire to it. Those who escaped the massacre, not the perpetrators, were rounded up by police. Today pro-federalism people besieged the police headquarter in Odessa until the police released those it had earlier arrested.
The people requesting more local autonomy in Ukraine are perfectly able to take a stand on their own. Should a few die, like in Odessa, even more will rise up. Except for the Right Sektor people now included in the National Guard there are no loyal troops for the Kiev coup government to use against the people. The huge mistake the coup government made, repeating a U.S. mistake made in Iraq, was to dissolve the federal riot police Berkut. Those now unemployed trained fighters, together with experienced former Soviet soldiers, are the military backbone of the federalists. There is therefore no need for Russia to openly intervene. The Kiev coup government is already a dying entity.
Video Title: Ukraine: Obama mocked as mix of Hitler and Tymoshenko. Source: RuptlyTV. Date Published: May 5, 2014. Description:
A poster of U.S President Barack Obama depicted with a Hitler mustache and Yulia Tymoshenko's iconic braid hairstyle could be seen on a wall inside the occupied Donetsk State Administration building, Monday.

A group of anti- Kiev protesters continue to rally outside the building in eastern Ukraine.