May 5, 2014

Wise Egyptian TV Host Puts Bigoted Sectarian On His Ass (Source: MEMRI TV)

Video Title: TV Host Slams Head of Egyptian Community in Paris for Anti-Christian Remarks. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: May 4, 2014.

In the video below, an Egyptian TV host speaks with a bigoted sectarian named Saleh Farhoud, an Egyptian living in Paris who made the statement that only a Muslim should be head of the Treasury in Egypt, and that Christians should be banned from the position. The TV host put the religious bigot on his ass directly on the spot and the clown hanged up.

Egypt is a country with deep Christian roots, so this is a socially divisive, insensitive, and intellectually violent remark. These types of views, which are unfortunately held by leaders who have platforms and can reach the ears of ignorant people, are ruining Syria, Egypt, and the entire Middle East. These anti-Christian and intolerant views need to be nipped in the bud by influential voices in the region. Assad showed good leadership by visiting the ancient Christian town Maaloula on Easter.

What is scary is that religious bigots like Saleh Farhoud hold prestigious positions. Farhoud is the elected president of the Association of the Egyptian Community in France, a group with the stated claim to help Egyptians integrate into French society. Clearly he's not the man for the job. Read about the group's genesis and purpose below:
"The most formalised version of this network is the recently launched “Association of the Egyptian Community in France” (Rabitat al-Galiyya al-Misriyya fi Faransa), an organisation that resulted from the initiative by Her Excellency Ambassador Nahed Al-Ashri, the Egyptian Consul General in France. (Al-Ahram April 11, 2005) According to her, the purpose of this Association is to enhance the weight of the Egyptian community within French society, as well as in Egypt. The Association started its activities about two years before its formal launching during which time it generally concerned itself with issues relating to the question of Egyptians’ integration within French society, as well as issues of concern to the settled Egyptian community such as the establishment of an Egyptian school. It is interesting to note that the elected president of this association is Mr Saleh Farhoud, a prominent figure from Mit Badr Halawa." (Source: Reem Saad, "Egyptian Workers in Paris: An Ethnographic Account" October 2007, pg. 7).