February 25, 2014

Mr. Netanyahu: Don't Make Projection Become Reality

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week that boycott activists are, "classical anti-Semites in modern garb." This man is living in the past, and not in the forward-thinking 21st century. For the most part, racism and anti-Semitism are declining. 

An excerpt from, "Netanyahu calls the whole world anti-Semites" by Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today, February 18, 2014:
But bad boy Bibi has decided it is now time to deploy Israel’s 2014 Samson option. It’s time to take the whole world down. He is calling us all anti-Semites, as virtually the whole moral world supports boycotting Israel. I am a bit perplexed on how he is going to arrange the logistics of stringing us all up as we number in the billions.

Rank and file Jews have always been ruthlessly exploited by their own elites who used ‘anti-Semite’ campaigns to keep them all on the plantation. They are a very independent and opinionated people and prone to argue and fight endlessly over just about anything.

The outside enemy has always been the magic elixir for deflecting attention away from their own failed leadership, and failed they have.

I can still remember doing a two hour Atlanta Public TV interview with Rabbi David Weiss of Neturei Karta ten years ago.

He described how the post-1948 Zionists were having difficulty getting North African Jews to emigrate to Israel to supply the manpower and investment capital need to build and protect their new ethnically-cleansed land they had just stolen.

They resorted to false-flag attacks on Jews and synagogues in these North African countries, and the ruse worked like a charm.

Jewish families who had lived peacefully with their neighbors for hundreds of years fled to Israel for safety from this ‘new wave’ of anti-Semitism.

They of course did not know that Israeli Intelligence had organized the whole event, one that would be copied again whenever it suited them.
An excerpt from, "A Few Ukraine Coup Links" by 'b' of Moon of Alabama, February 25, 2014:
There have been reports, also mentioned in the above, from Russian sources that, allegedly, Israeli special forces were involved with the anti-semitic neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. That may sound implausible until you recognize that Israeli state policy is to move as many Jews as possible to Israel. To frighten those who still want to stay in their native country by promoting anti-semitic forces makes sense within this (in itself anti-semitic) policy frame:
For the life of me, I don’t understand the Jews living in France. I don’t understand the Jews living in Poland. I don’t understand the one Jew living in Afghanistan (nor the one living in Eritrea) and I can’t believe there are still 100 Jews in Egypt, Algeria, Iraq or Botswana. I don’t understand the Jews living in the Ukraine and, to be honest, I don’t much understand the Jews living in America either.
But seriously — if you are a Jew living in the Ukraine today, why aren’t you packing your bags? If you are a Jew living in France, do you really expect it to get better? And, if you are a Jew living in the US, do you expect your grandchildren to still be Jewish?
There does not exist any existential threat to Jewish people in the 21st century. So the idea that Jews can only be safe in Israel is bullshit. There is no nuclear power out there right now or on the horizon with the intent to bomb Israel. It's not happening. It will never happen. The world will never allow such a thing to transpire. Israel is safe and will be safe for all of history if its leaders and elites choose to let go of their paranoia and projections. It is never too late for Israel to begin to accept and respect the countries and peoples surrounding it. But that also isn't happening. Minds are hard to change, especially minds that are hell-bent on war from childhood on.

War-crazed Zionists are using the painfully constructed memories of events like the Holocaust and 9/11 to intimidate Jews, Americans, and the world into accepting its blatantly racist, oppressive, and obnoxious policies in Palestine.

Intimidation, terrorism, force, and deception are tools that may win you short-sighted victories, but not sympathy, respect, and love. It is not true conquest.

Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to realize that the world has changed since the Middle Ages. To classify boycott activists as "classical anti-Semites in modern garb" is a gross misreading of the times. It shows a big lack of respect towards other members of the human race. Jews are not under existential threat from anyone. The threat only exists in their heads. If Netanyahu counts poorly armed Islamic fanatics as an existential threat to Israel then he is clearly not living in reality. The reality is that Israelis are protected by the strongest military power in the Near East, and the strongest military power in the West. And that will continue to be the case.