February 25, 2014

Analysis About The Crisis In Ukraine

Historian and author Webster G. Tarpley spoke about the crisis in Ukraine last week. Here is the video: Title: Webster Tarpley on Ukraine rioters. Source: YouTube channel karimberdi.

Video Title: Popular Uprising, Foreign Manipulation and Rising Fascism in Ukraine. Source: The Real News. Date Published: February 25. Description:
Political economist Aleksandr Buzgalin and international law professor John Quigley discuss the internal rivalries for power taking place within Ukraine, and the history of its relations with Russia.
"Now it's troops, I can say, troops and groups of nationalists and right bloc (this is their name) militants--who has weapons, by the way, very often NATO weapons, who are very well trained, who are very well organized. And among them there are a lot of professionals who had great experience of the direct street fight, even shooting and so on. So it's not just ordinary people who came with sticks. It's very organized force and active in Kiev, first of all, but not only in Kiev, in many cities of Ukraine. And they are not big enthusiasts about joining to European Union. They want to have a self-independent Ukraine as a Ukrainian country with Ukrainian population, Ukrainian language, Ukrainian traditions. And this is right-wing nationalism, which is against both Russia, against European Union, and so on. And there is big conflict between Tymoshenko and other forces, from one hand, and this right bloc, from another hand.

And there are also ordinary people who are also divided. They're divided because it is big contradiction between east and west of Ukraine. East is mainly Russian-speaking and more oriented on real production--steel, coal production. This is workers and ordinary people, mainly, and pro-Russian oligarchs. West is more peasant and more oriented on the European Union business." - Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University. (Source: The Real News).