January 31, 2014

Raw: Brahimi Says No Progress in Syria Talks (Source: AP)

Brahimi is a demonstration of the bankruptcy of the United Nations as a vehicle for solving conflicts in the world. The young fanatical Jihadists in Syria who have been recruited, indoctrinated, and armed by world and regional powers for a victory-or-death war against Assad will never listen to the United Nations. So there is really nothing that the UN and Brahimi can do to stop the war in Syria. They are actually standing in the way of peace. They are prolonging the war by talking up a storm instead of committing to a definitive, honest, and realistic plan to end hostilities.

The only way to stop this war is to stop the transfers of funds and weapons to the fighters on the ground. And that means to stop this process at its roots in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, England, Belgium, and France. Obviously, the Syrian army will never go to Europe, but it can go to Saudi Arabia and Turkey to retaliate against these governments for their crimes and transgressions against Syria.

The question is why don't they? What Syria is currently doing is counter-productive. They are shedding needless blood and injuring themselves. Instead of fighting in your country against terrorist pawns forever and ever, why not strike their paymasters? That would be more effective, intelligent, and wise. That is the way to end the war. Syria should take the fight to the enemy, to the queen bees, instead of just watching its country be destroyed by the little annoying buzzing insects who unknowingly work for the queen bees.    

Video Title: Raw: Brahimi Says No Progress in Syria Talks. Source: AP. Date Published: January 31. Description:
After eight days of talks on Syria, UN negotiator Lakhdar Brahimi says there's been no progress, but at least the two sides met at the same time in the same room. (Jan. 31).