January 30, 2014

After Supporting Al-Qaeda Terrorism Against The Egyptian State, Al Jazeera Gets A Strong Response

Al Jazeera Journalists Face Egypt Terror Charges: Cairo charges journalists with aiding 'terrorists'. Source: JewishNewsOne. Date Published: January 30.

Guess who is not in favoring of Al Jazeera facing strict justice for their support for Al-Qaeda terrorism and their crimes against the Egyptian people, nation, and state? None other than John Insane McCain, the nutjob who posed with Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria last year.

Whatever John Insane McCain is against, it means it is good. Whatever he is for, it means it is bad. So it is a good thing that the Egyptian people and state have taken tough action against Al Jazeera reporters who covered for Al-Qaeda terrorists during popular uprisings, and painted them as victims of the Egyptian police and military.

Al Jazeera has committed the crime of supporting Al-Qaeda terrorism in both Egypt and Syria. It is about time that Al Jazeera learns that it cannot get away with this kind of outrageous, immoral, unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour.  If so-called reporters and journalists (read spies) spread lies on their worldwide platforms, and innocent people die because of their false reporting and media hype, then they should suffer the legal consequences.  Egypt has figured that out. So good for Egypt. Bravo!

McCain condemns Egypt's detention of Al Jazeera staff