January 27, 2014

Geneva II Is Going Nowhere, As Predicted By Any Analyst Worth The Name

The forces that have been unleashed in Syria in the last three years cannot be put back into a bottle with a laughable peace conference held thousands of miles away in Europe. This is just good old political theatre. Geneva II was destined for disaster on the day it was announced.

Does the world truly want to end this war tomorrow? Okay then. Be serious about it. Let Syria attack Saudi Arabia. Make them bleed and pay the price for arming 7th century barbarians and invading Syria by proxy. Retaliation is long overdue.

The events in Syria are not happening in a vacuum. These people are not living on an island in the middle of nowhere. Nothing will be solved in Syria for the better and for the long-term until countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, the United States, and Russia moderate their geopolitical ambitions, and little countries such as Qatar and other Gulf states are put in their proper place. The pieces of shit in the oil-rich kingdoms need to be taught once and for all to stop directing and exporting Jihadists wherever Uncle Sam says so. 

Syria talks in Geneva hit stormy weather. Source: Euronews. Date Published: Jan 27.