January 27, 2014

Egypt Police HQ Bombed; US-MB Plot To Assassinate General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Is On The Table

International diplomats have gathered at the Geneva II peace conference to discuss how to end the three-year long war in Syria. Meanwhile, Egypt is unraveling.

On Friday, there was a bomb blast near the Egyptian police headquarters in Cairo, killing three people and wounding many more. For more information, read, "Car bomb hits Cairo police HQ, killing 3."

Presidential elections are around the corner. On the anniversary of the Tahrir Square revolution, General al-Sisi used the special occasion to gain political momentum heading into the election.

General al-Sisi's supporters are many and they are loud. One of them is Amr Moussa, the former Secretary-General of the Arab League from June 2001 to June 2011. Here is an excerpt from, "Egypt violence: Army general al-Sisi turns anniversary of Tahrir Square uprising into presidential rally" by Alastair Beach, The Independent, January 26, 2014: 
There was Sisi in wraparound sunglasses; Sisi in army uniform; Sisi in a suit. Street vendors sold Sisi key rings, medallions and T-shirts, while children as young as six or seven walked hand in hand with their parents chanting: “We want Sisi! We want Sisi!”

Maher Sayed, a 42-year-old engineer, said that the army chief’s supporters were demanding that he run for president. “If he decides not to run,” he said, “We will come to Tahrir again until he does.”
General al-Sisi may be just what the doctor ordered in Egypt during this tough transition period and revolutionary phase, but his enemies in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration may rip apart the doctor's prescription and assassinate him before he gets the chance to be Egypt's next president.

There are rumours circulating in Egyptian politics and media that there is a serious US plot to assassinate General al-Sisi, Cold War era style. The executioners of this move will be the Muslim Brotherhood and their surrogates in the Sinai.

We could just chalk up this talk to "paranoia" but that would be stupid. There have been failed attempts to assassinate General al-Sisi in the past. Back in June, Islamic radicals who are based in the Sinai Peninsula failed in an attempt to assassinate senior Egyptian military and police officers for their role in removing the former president Mohammed Morsi from power. Here is an excerpt from, "Egypt: Plot to assassinate al-Sisi, ElBaradei uncovered" by Roi Kais, ynetnews, June 8, 2013:
Egyptian intelligence agencies exposed this past week three armed terror cells in the Sinai peninsula that were working together to carry out a plan to assassinate senior military and police figures, Kuwait newspaper Alrai reported, citing Egyptian officials.

Egyptian security services are currently seeking some 60 people who are suspected of being involved in the plot.

According to the report, the conspirers planned to kill Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim and Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei.

The officials said that as soon as the plot was exposed the suspects fled to the mountainous areas in Sinai. The suspects, who in the past have operated individually when they attacked sensitive facilities and army and police outposts, have now joined forces with the goal of assassinating those who were behind the overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.
The latest attack on the Egyptian police HQ in Cairo proves that the Obama administration-backed Muslim Brotherhood and their radical allies in Al-Qaeda are willing and capable to penetrate deep inside the Egyptian security infrastructure and target sensitive areas.

All patriotic and mentally aware Egyptians must be on guard against the assassination of General al-Sisi. Their enemies never sleep, and neither should they.

Sisi supporters condemn Cairo bombing. Source: Reuters. Date Published: January 24.