December 8, 2013

Updates On Syria [12.8]: Ayatollah Obama Defends Armed Jihad In Syria, Independent Syrian MP Defends Christian Town Maalula, Syrian Refugees In Lebanon Grows To One Million

1. An excerpt from, "FULL TRANSCRIPT: Obama at Saban Forum" Haaretz, December 7:
As President of the United States, I don't go around advertising the circumstances in which I order pilots to launch attacks.  That I think would be bad practice.  (Laughter.)  I also would say, though, that when the President of the United States says that he doesn't take any options off the table, that should be taken seriously.  And I think I have a track record over the last five years that indicates that that should be taken seriously.

It’s interesting -- in the region, there was this interesting interpretation of what happened with respect to Syria.  I said it’s a problem for Syria to have chemical weapons that it uses on its own citizens.  And when we had definitive proof that it had, I indicated my willingness potentially to take military action.  The fact that we ultimately did not take military action in some quarters was interpreted as, ah, you see, the President is not willing to take military action -- despite the fact that I think Mr. Qaddafi would have a different view of that, or Mr. bin Laden.  Be that as it may, that was yesterday, what have you done for me lately?  (Laughter.) But the point is that my preference was always to resolve the issue diplomatically.  And it turns out, lo and behold, that Syria now is actually removing its chemical weapons that a few months ago it denied it even possessed, and has provided a comprehensive list, and they have already begun taking these weapons out of Syria.  And although that does not solve the tragic situation inside of Syria, it turns out that removing those chemical weapons will make us safer and it will make Israel safer, and it will make the Syrian people safer, and it will make the region safer.

And so I do not see military action as an end unto itself.  Military action is one tool that we have in a tool kit that includes diplomacy in achieving our goals, which is ultimately our security.
Ayatollah Barack Hussein Obama, son of the ages, brother of Muslims, friend of the sinners, terminator of infidels, has defended armed Jihad in Syria because he believes it is in the interests of "American security." LOL. That is the reason he gave for his government's aggression against Syria.

If President Obama's goal in Syria is to make the region safer, and make Israel safer, then he has an ass-backward way of doing it. Supporting Jihadist terrorists, arming Al-Qaeda, sending fanatical head choppers to Syria, does not lead to security for the Syrian people, the Israeli people, or the people of the region. And American security was never threatened by Assad's chemical weapons. Stop lying to your people and the world Brother Barack. American security was never at stake in Syria. 

2. An excerpt from, "Syria: 'Crimes against humanity' in Christian town says MP", December 3:
A Syrian MP has urged the world's nations and Pope Francis to stop "crimes against humanity" in the historic Christian town of Maalula, which activists said was captured by rebels on Monday.

"The true crime against humanity in Syria is in Maalula," Christian MP Maria Saddeh told Adnkronos International (AKI), a day after the United Nations implicated Syria's authoritarian president Bashar al-Assad in war crimes. 

"Sixteen nuns have been kidnapped, civilians are being killed and a monastery and 60 houses were burnt down yesterday," said Saddeh, who was elected to parliament as an independent. 

 "A massacre in taking place and the West cannot look on. Nations and the Pope must intervene."

"Maalula is a global symbol of Christianity, part of Syrian and world heritage, where Aramaic is still spoken, where there are churches, monasteries and early Christian archaeological sites," she stressed.
The West does not give a fuck about Christianity, or religion in general. Sorry Christians in Syria, but Western governments have chosen to support Al-Qaeda terrorists against your anicent communities, and will excuse their crimes regardless of the costs to human lives, cultural heritage, historical sites, etc.

3. An excerpt from, "The Saudi-Israeli offensive to break the blockade of al-Ghouta failed" by Wassim Raad, Voltaire Net, December 2:
More than 41,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in November, according to an inter-agency briefing, while the agency canceled the registration of 13,000 individuals. The latest round of registration brings the total number of registered refugees to 758,000, with another 73,000 awaiting registration. The agency said the total number of refugees assisted by UNHCR in Lebanon now stands at over 830,000. The Lebanese government estimates the real number of Syrians in the country to be over 1 million.